Season-Closing Message

Photo: Hockey Volunteer (2024) / L to R: Alex Spencer, Justin George, Michael Boyle-Ricupero, Andrew Harris, Jack Restauri, and David Hanley

Hespeler, ON –
The Hespeler Shamrocks Junior Hockey Club’s 2023-2024 season officially came to an end this past Friday. In stating that, the Hespeler Shamrocks would like to extend the following thank you messages to the various groups of people who have been a part of our latest campaign.

Firstly, the Hockey Club would like to thank the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of the players. The entire Shamrocks Nation is extremely proud of the way you represented yourselves, the community of Hespeler (and its surrounding area), and the Hockey Club. We cannot wait to get started on providing you with an even better on-ice and off-ice experience in 2024-2025 – Stay Buzzin’.

To Thomas Giffin, Jett Spark, Justin Thornhill, and Lukas Hillert – Stay buzzin’ and you are always welcome back to The Hive. May retirement be easy on you all and thank you for your time with the Hespeler Shamrocks Junior Hockey Club.

The Hockey Club would like to thank the tireless efforts of its Hockey Operations Staff – Cole Cummings, Kent Cummings, Jon Petro, Craig Deschamps, Kyle de Beus, and Ken Brown. Thank you for your time, unwavering commitment, and your passion towards building a better beehive.

The Hockey Club would like to thank its entire Volunteer Staff – Joanne Hillis, Nathan Hillis, Josh McCoy, John Rothwell, Nathan Peddle, Calum McMurtie, Owen Hillert, Brandon Gallant, Kelsey Tonner, Molly Tonner, Kyla Hillis, Luke Paquete, Jayden Hartwell, Julie Cummings, and Blake Stalkie. Thank you for the countless hours of your time, hard work, tireless dedication, and season-long execution each and every day.

The Hockey Club would like to thank Kim and Duane Snyder of Duke’s Dugout Bar & Grill for running the Blueline Club on gamedays this past season. In addition to game days, Kim and Duane chipped in on running the bar at our First Annual St. Paddy’s Day Concert. Thank you both very much.

Thank you to Jason Reeve and the Hespeler Memorial Arena staff for their time and efforts throughout the season. Without the great work you do, we do not have a beehive to call our own. Thank you very much for the continued support of the Hespeler Shamrocks Junior Hockey Club.

Thank you to Darren Stevenson and his team at 519 Sports Online for the coverage this season.

The Hockey Club would like to thank our Sponsorship Team – Click Here – thank you for your support throughout the 2023-2024 season. Without the support of our Sponsorship Team, the Hespeler Shamrocks would be nothing but a memory. We deeply appreciate your business and we cannot wait to get started on strengthening our various relationships for the 2024-2025 campaign.

Finally, the Hockey Club would like to thank the community and fans of the Hespeler Shamrocks for their love and support throughout the 2023-2024 season. We broke club attendance records this season and we are so proud and overjoyed at the support we received. We cannot wait to see (and hear) you at The Hive next season.

Thank you and… GOOOO SHAMMIES!

– – 1959 – –

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